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Midweek motivation

Midweek motivation

It’s time for some midweek motivation. I love getting testimonials from the girls who have done my programs, it seriously does just bring the biggest smile to my face. And it’s not just the weight or size results I care about. I love hearing about how girls have made long term positive changes in their life, that not only have them looking great, but feeling great too. Like Holly here, who started out on my program and has since gone on to maintain these changes in her life. Holly - I absolutely love seeing your results and you have done such an awesome job to get to where you are today. Keep it up, you are very inspiring.

Some words from Holly:

"My name is Holly Mathews. I am from Tennessee but moved to Ohio a few years ago. I have a high-stress job in marketing and have allowed my health to steadily decline over the past several years. That stress has caused a lot of health issues and weight gain. Over the course of 5 years I had ballooned up to 170lbs. I decided to finally do something about it. I knew that a simple diet and trying to get myself to the gym wasn't going to cut it. I started doing research for fitness plans that included a strict eating plan as well as a workout schedule. I stumbled upon Emily's 28 Day Shred Program and knew I had found the perfect solution to kick my rear in gear! I promised myself that if I was serious about this, then I need to put myself into it 100% so I did. I followed the plan as exactly as possible. At first, the portion sizes were too large and I couldn't finish what I had prepared, but eventually my metabolism and hunger caught up. Working out was difficult for me as I had never done anything so intense... but after my very first workout on this plan I was hooked and began seeing results. One thing that really surprised me were the immediate results. I felt so much better, happier, and positive at work. I found myself getting through my stressful work day easier than ever... excited about my next meal or excited for my evening workout. When the 28 days were up, not only did I feel stronger and confident, I had lost 15lbs!!! I decided that I never want to go back to my old self and have adapted everything I learned from Emily's shred into a long-term plan. I am eating clean, many of the recipes from Emily's 28 day plan cause they were so yummy, I am working out 5 times a week, many of my workouts from Emily's plan. From the time I have started my journey (November 2014 @ 170lbs) to now (May 2015 @140lbs) I have lost a total of 30lbs!!

Emily's online videos - not just the workout ones but even the silly ones of her eating raw garlic or walking up stairs after leg day - have been so extremely helpful and motivating. Thank you Emily for giving me back my life. I had become a slave to my job and stress and you have given me the opportunity to be happy again.

I haven't been this healthy in my life... It almost feels like I am inside someone else's body! I find myself touching my new muscles throughout the day.

I LOVED meeting Emily at the US Arnolds!"

I was awesome meeting you too Holly and thank you for sharing your story. If you want to get amazing results like Holly then check out my latest programs.

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