How to smash through your plateau and keep getting results - Emily Skye

How to smash through your plateau and keep getting results

How to smash through your plateau and keep getting results

We all love seeing and feeling results when we are working hard at the gym and eating the right foods. But sometimes you seem to be doing everything right and nothing happens. It can be one of the most frustrating things ever. It leaves you feeling unmotivated and just wanting to give up. I know because I’ve been there before and reaching a plateau in your health and fitness routine can sometimes just be part of the journey. Though because I’ve been there, I’ve also got some key tips to help you smash through that plateau, so you can keep seeing those awesome results.

What causes a plateau?
When you first start in your health and fitness journey you begin to see results all the time. That’s because you are doing things with your body that it isn’t used to. However once your new fit and healthy lifestyle is a routine, your body can get used to this new way of living, the exercises you do and the food you eat. Signs that you have reached a plateau is you are doing the same thing but your results are no longer there.

So if you have reached a plateau and need to get some new results then these are some of the things I do to smash past it.

Remember to not just measure weight
Sometimes we think we have reached a plateau because the number on the scales isn’t going down any more. I can’t emphasizes enough how much you shouldn’t determine your progress by the number on the scales. In fact good results can mean even putting on weight. I’ve gone up 11kg from my modeling days to now but I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been. I always encourage girls on my programs to measure results by photos and body measurements. This is going to give you a way better indicator if there is progress, rather than the weight on the scales.

Change your workout routine
Your body will get used to any type of exercise, so if you are continuously doing the same thing day in and day out, then the body won’t respond the way it did when you first started. That’s why it’s important to keep the workouts changing on a constant basis. This is how and why I designed my F.I.T. programs the way I did, just when your body adapts, the intensity or type of exercise changes (every 4-5 days) - so not only will you find you’re capable of increasingly complex and challenging moves, it will help you naturally bust through plateaus and boost motivation because you’re doing something different in almost every workout.

Up your weights
So many girls get scared of putting their weights up because they think they will build big muscles. I can assure you that this isn’t the case. If you want to sculpt and tone but aren’t getting there or you aren’t feeling the effects like you used to from your weight training, then I would say it’s time to move to some heavier weights.

Change your diet
If you have been dieting for a long time then your metabolism could have slowed down which will be affecting your results. To break through a plateau then not only is important to change your exercise but it can be just as important to change the way you eat. I like to do things like carb cycling, which is when you have low carb days, moderate carb days, and high carb days. This will help reset your hormones and keeps your body guessing so you don’t plateau. My F.I.T. programs have been designed to help you smash through plateaus not only physically but in your diet too.  In particular Phase 3 (coming out soon) carb cycling becomes a focus in the nutrition plan so you get results like you haven’t seen before.

After seeing all the amazing results girls have been getting on my F.I.T phase 1 and 2 programs, I’m so excited to be launching phase 3 very soon. Be sure to sign up to my mailing list, so you can find out as soon as it’s for sale.  

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