Here's some Monday motivation for you - Emily Skye

Here's some Monday motivation for you

Here's some Monday motivation for you

Need some motivation this Monday? I absolutely love seeing the transformations girls are having on my latest F.I.T. programs. And do you know what I love the most, is that this program really is for everyone. I speak to girls everyday about what their common struggles are with getting the body they want and one complaint I hear a lot is that everything just get's too complicated, they become overwhelmed and then don't know where to start. That's why I wanted to take so much of that complicated planning out for you. You still have to work hard at the gym or at home, but why spend any more time on meal and exercise planning when I can do that part for you. By following my step by step instructions along with some serious sweat look at the amazing results Maggie had on my F.I.T. phase 1 program. Maggie you look so good and truly are a F.I.T. inspriation. 

Words from Maggie:

"I've tried few things before, and as you probably can guess they have worked for a moment and then all went back .. Now, yes this one is different! I don't have time to look thought out the internet and educate myself on what to eat, when, how many of which exercises I have to do, oh and then find recipes for the food I need to eat, and then have an inner debate if it's good or not, or maybe there is something easier that I can use over the week for lunches..... F.I.T. HAS IT ALL! Absolute no brainer! Meals that are for dummies (my level :P), lists that helps you plan quickly so you don't spend years of looking through all recipes. Workouts that are REALLY rewarding and quick, and yes no-gym option included. I have spent monthly gym fee on my equipment, so you don't need to even stick your nose outside. Time is very expensive in my life and this program has let me play it around my crazy busy schedule as I want. Emily you have no clue what this mean to me, and how it made me look after my body again. I have lost 4kg but as all friends in support group will tell you, weight is so 18th century! Look at what I have lost in measurements: start waist: 76cm end waist: 68cm start hip: 100cm end hip: 85cm If you don't think this is much try to put measuring tape on your jeans and see the difference :D Can't wait for  the next F.I.T. phase, this does truly change your life. Maggie"

These are just the results Maggie had on Phase 1 of my F.I.T. program. Phase 2 is now on sale and you can even get in early for Phase 3 that is about to launch this week. Just sign up here.

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