Mid-week motivation - Emily Skye

Mid-week motivation

Mid-week motivation

It's time for some mid-week motivation. Meet Jade, who has had some awesome results on my F.I.T. program. I love that Jade has not only had an amazing physical transformation, but her mindset has changed too. Because becoming "awesome, confident and happy" as Jade states, is the best result anyone could ask for. Jade, you're an absolute rockstar and thanks so much for being an inspiration to the F.I.T. community. 

Some words from Jade: 

"I already had a good knowledge of nutrition and I used the gym on a regular basis, before purchasing Emily's programs. I had no idea how much my life would change.... I now use Emily's delicious recipe and incorporate her exercises into my workouts. My body has changed massively and a big positive change is how fresh I feel mentally. Emily is such an inspiration to many women and for me personally, she's helped me to become this awesome, confident and most importantly HAPPY person!!! Previous weight: 63 Kilos. Weight now: 57.9 Kilos. Mental status: Happy, positive and determined!"

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