How to reset the body and glow from the inside out - Emily Skye

How to reset the body and glow from the inside out

How to reset the body and glow from the inside out

These days our bodies are exposed to so many different harmful chemicals. On a daily basis, we get bombarded with chemicals from pesticides on our food, heavy metals, pollution and even our skin care products. That’s why I try to be as healthy as I can, eat organic food when possible and use all-natural skincare products. However, even if you are super conscious of what you put in and on your body, sometimes it’s good to get rid of any excess waste. When you get a build-up of harmful chemicals in the body it can have a major impact on your overall health. When we give our bodies an opportunity to elimate waste and toxins from our vital organs and RESET the system, we can experience improved energy, sleep, and optimal health. This is how you get the body to truly glow from the inside out. 

Why it’s important to RESET the body?
I’m not really the biggest fan of the word detox, as it’s often associated with pill-popping detoxes or extreme cleanses, that people use as a drastic way to lose weight. However, detoxes do have their purpose and if I feel my body needs a health boost, I prefer to use healthy organic foods and then allow my body to detox itself. All of my F.I.T. programs, when following the food plan, should already give your body a gentle detox by removing processed packaged foods and refined carbs.When you allow the body to clear excess waste from the system, your brain get’s clearer, you have more energy, your skin and hair will glow, plus you become far more efficient at burning fat. It can also help the body in dealing with many different health concerns, including:

- Digestive issues
- Skin problems
- Immune support
- Prevention of chronic illness

How to glow from the inside:
As I said I’m not at all a fan of pill popping detoxes. Instead, to RESET my system I’ll fill my diet up with wholesome foods, that allow my body to naturally detox itself. Foods like dark leafy greens, ginger, chilli, walnuts, beetroot, avocado, lemon and garlic are all great foods that aid the body in the detoxification process. To avoid extra pesticides and chemicals, it’s best to go organic if you can. When cleansing the body, eat whole foods and completely avoid things like sugar, coffee, alcohol, soft drinks, and any packaged or processed food. That’s because they just add unwanted chemicals your body is trying to eliminate. I also like to eat easy to digest foods like soups, smoothies, and stews, that all have high nutrient dense ingredients. You can also get some great teas to sip on, that include herbs to flush out the system. If you want all the guess work taken out for you I’ve created a full 7-day RESET meal plan that will leave you feeling light and glowing. 

When to do a RESET?
You should definitely try and do a RESET in the body at least once a year. That way you know you are giving your body the best chance at optimal health. However, there can be other great times to do one. Like in between intensive exercise programs on your rest period or after you have gone on holiday and had a little too much over indulgence. Or simply if you are feeling low on energy, sluggish or need an extra health boost a RESET can set the body back on track. 

What to expect?
Now, if you are someone who heavily relies on coffee and sugar then you can expect to have a couple of days where you may not feel so great. That’s because your body is going through withdrawal symptoms. Though, once you get through those initially foggy days, and headaches I can assure you that you will feel absolutely fantastic, and you will be glad you did it. 

Some helpful tips:
To aid the body in eliminating waste and restore, there are other things you can do to help. I like to do things like dry body brushing, which helps stimulate and drain toxins from your lymph system, or take an Epsom salt bath to draw toxins out from the skin. It's always important to drink lots of water, rest up and look after yourself during this process.

It's so important to look after our bodies. At the end of the day, it's where we need to live for the rest of our lives. I don't want you to just be fit, I want you to experience the best health possible, so you can live the best life possible. 

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