Your ultimate butt and thighs sculpting guide - Emily Skye

Your ultimate butt and thighs sculpting guide

Your ultimate butt and thighs sculpting guide

Getting those toned thighs and sculpted behind, actually does more than make you look good in your favourite pair of jeans. Your thighs and butt are the bodies largest muscle groups. So when you work them, it speeds up your metabolism and you are able to burn more fat off the entire body. That’s why you should never skip a good leg and booty day. My mission recently has been to grow my booty, which means I spend a lot of time focusing on the lower body exercises. Like all other body parts, getting the legs and butt you want comes through a combination of good nutrition and strength training. So if you want to tone those thighs and get that perky behind, here are some of the things I’ve been doing in my workout routine.

1. Focus on sculpting first
Before you aim to strip the fat it's important to spend time building lean muscle, so you get that ‘shape’ you desire. Building lean muscle on the legs and booty comes from doing a range of different exercises. Don’t just stick to one exercise too. It’s important to mix your exercises up, so you target different muscle groups. The booty is made up of three muscle groups: Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus. In order to get that perky behind, make sure you train all three. This is the same with training legs. Make sure you include exercises that target your quads, hamstrings, and calves.

2. Lift weights
I say this over and over again, but ladies do not be afraid of lifting weights and adding resistance into your workouts. You need to lift enough weight, in order to build strength and improve definition. Always make sure have a strong focus on form when doing weights/resistance training, so you prevent injury and engage the right muscles. It’s also important to keep your core engaged to increase power, tone your midsection and protect your back. If you don’t have any weights at home, then you can do great bodyweight resistance exercises that will help shape and tone your legs and butt. I've included a great at-home leg and booty workout below, with no equipment needed.

3. Don’t forget to stretch
Because our legs and butt muscles are used so much, it’s an easy area of the body to get an injury. That’s why it’s so important to stretch them out. Always make sure you do a good warm-up, before a legs and booty session. You want to make sure you have activated the muscles you are going to use, and your mind is connected to those muscle groups. Stretching at the end of your workout session is just as important to keep your muscles supple and prevent injury.

4. Rest and refuel
When you have spent time working hard on your lower body, it’s so important give it a rest. After you have broken down the muscles, you need to allow your muscles to recover and repair. Always leave at least 48 hours between working your lower body. To aid in recovery, you also need to make sure you are providing your body with right nutrients. My F.I.T. programs focus on a ‘back to basics’ style of eating, where you nourish your body with wholesome foods, that are unprocessed and nutrient dense. In fact, I have a whole 4 weeks in my F.I.T. program dedicated to shaping the booty and thighs.

To start you off, here are some of my favourite leg and booty exercises and a full workout video below

1. Kick back squat
Squats are a great go-to exercise for targeting the lower half of your body. Kick back squats are one of my favourite exercises, as they tighten and tone both buns and thighs. Start by standing with your legs shoulder width apart, and put your hands on your hips or in a comfortable position. Lower your butt to the ground, while keeping your tummy tight and back straight. When you are slightly lower than 90 degrees to the ground, drive through your heels and butt to stand back up. As you stand back up, kick one leg rearward while keeping it straight, then return it back to starting position. If you want to challenge yourself even more, you can also do this by holding weights in each hand.

2. Med ball hip thrusters
Lay with your back on a mat, bend your knees and have your feet flat on the on the ground.  Place the med ball on your lower stomach. Squeeze through your glutes and hamstrings. Thrust your hips upward and then slowly lower down. You can also do this exercise with weights if you don’t have a medicine ball.

3. Reverse weighted lunge
Hold a light weight in each hand and rest your arms down by your sides, with your palms facing inwards. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Take a step backwards with one leg, so that your knee comes into contact with the ground or close to it. Push through your toes and glutes to stand back up. Then repeat on the other side. Keep your tummy tight and your back straight throughout the exercise.

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