Check out this Fitspiration!! - Emily Skye

Check out this Fitspiration!!

Check out this Fitspiration!!

Needing some motivation this Monday? Then check out the gorgeous Tarryn, who has had great results using my F.I.T. programs. Tarryn is a mother of 3 children, which goes to show that anyone really can get F.I.T. and healthy. Whilst Tarryn had a great body before, I love hearing about how she now feels strong, healthy and younger. Tarryn, you are an absolute superstar and thank you so much for being an inspiration. 

"I have completed phase 1 and 2, I have no fitness or sport in my history, and thought gym was not for me! But after having 3 children, I had to do something about the baby body. In my before picture I was 55kg, after 8 weeks with Emily I am 52kg, but the scale thankfully means nothing! I feel so healthy and strong, Im 32 years old and feel 21 again! Thank you Emily for your wisdom, you are a superstar and I'm just so thankful to you!!!x"

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