Another amazing transformation - Emily Skye

Another amazing transformation

Another amazing transformation

Transformation stories really are the highlight of my week. I love seeing the amazing results that girls achieve from my programs, not only in their body but also their confidence and outlook on life. Meet Roxanna, who really is showing that strong is totally sexy. She already had an amazing body before, but just check out her results after doing one of my programs. I love that Roxanna’s journey isn’t about losing weight, but rather getting fit, healthy and strong. Roxanna, you look incredible and all that hard work and determination totally paid off. Talk about a total babe.

Some words of Roxanna:

“I have just recently finished the 28 day shred for the first time and I've gotta admit that I am very happy and proud of what I have achieved! I didn't start the shred to lose weight, rather I wanted to get fit, healthy and strong. Because man, I love being strong! It is just the best feeling! I also have a quite physically demanding job at times and wanted to get stronger for that, to prevent injury. I have lost 3 kg since starting the shred, which is great, but as it wasn't my ultimate goal, it's more like icing on the cake. But the best thing about it all is that I can pick up weights that weigh more than I've ever been able to lift before! And the lifting I do at work is so much easier! I love that! So thank you for bringing out a program that gives us the tools to make a difference, to our bodies and to what we think of ourselves.”

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