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Burn more calories without going to the gym

Burn more calories without going to the gym

I don’t believe in quick fixes when it comes to fitness and fat loss. That’s why all of my programs are designed to create healthy habits that will stick with you for life. Getting that body you’ve dreamed of does take time, dedication and hard work. If you want to ramp things up a bit there are a few ways you can torch extra calories, without having to hit the gym. Try these tips to sneak in some more exercise to your day and keep your metabolism on fire.

1. Take the stairs
Stairs are a great way for getting the heart rate up and burning some extra calories. So, time to stop using the elevator in your apartment, at the shopping mall, or at work and start using the stairs instead. If you really want to get the heart rate up even try running them. Just be prepared to feel the burn, especially after leg day.

2. Go for a few walks around the block during your coffee break
Your coffee breaks are a great opportunity to get up, move around, whilst also getting some fresh air. It’s also a good way to get the blood pumping after hours of sitting at your computer and wake the body up, without having to drink more caffeine. Find a work colleague to do it with and make it an everyday habit. Even an extra ten-minute walk per day adds up in calories over the week.

3. Ten-minute lunchtime challenge
Lunch is another great opportunity to get up and get moving. Never sit and eat at your desk, as this leads to mindless eating and potentially eating too much. Whilst you are away from your desk, then why not add a quick ten-minute challenge in there, do some jump squats, walking lunges, a one-minute plank and some push ups. It’s a great pick me up and will help you charge through the rest of the afternoon.

4. Start squatting
I’ve been known to do squats in some weird places. I like to sprinkle them throughout my day wherever I can. Imagine if you did ten squats during all those moments when you are just standing around. For instance, when you are brushing your teeth, waiting for the dinner to cook, waiting for your morning coffee to brew, talking on the phone, whilst making breakfast, or even waiting for the bus. Think about how many squats you would get in per day and all those extra calories you could burn, whilst also toning your booty and thighs. So, it's time to stop standing and start squatting.

5. Sit on the wall
Want to take a seat? Rather than going for the comfy option, choose to sit against the wall and hold for as long as you can. This is a great way to build strength in the legs, whilst also getting a bit of core work. Perhaps make it challenge amongst some colleagues on who can hold it the longest.

6. Park your car as far away as you can
Whether you are parking the car on the road at home or pulling into the grocery store, try and park your car as far away from your destination as you can. Not only is finding a park a lot less stressful (as you aren’t fighting for the number one spot), all those extra steps walking will add up and make you burn more calories. Just make sure you aren’t running late and accommodate a little extra time if needed.

7. Walk like you are running late
When you are in a rush to get somewhere or running late, you find a certain fast pace in your step.  So, when you are walking anywhere, start walking like you are running late. This should help get the heart rate up, blood pumping and some extra calories torched.

8. Do a traffic tone up
If you drive to and from work and getting stuck in traffic is part of your daily routine, then why not try a traffic tone up? There are a few different exercises you can do, without having to leave the drivers seat. You can do a mini core and booty workout. For your abs, take a long inhale and on your exhale draw your belly button in towards your spine to engage the core. For that perky booty, then all you need to do is clench those buns and hold for 15 seconds and then release. 

9. Play with your kids
Have you seen how much energy kids have? They are constantly running around and playing. A good way to get some family time in and burn calories is to go out there and play with them. If you don't have any kids, then just go and play like one anyway.

What are some of your favourite ways to add in some extra exercise into your day?

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