Another FITspiration!!! - Emily Skye

Another FITspiration!!!

Another FITspiration!!!

My F.I.T. programs aren't just about body transformations. It's also about creating a healthy mindset you can keep for life. That's why I love Lucy's story. Not only has her body totally transformed, so has her mental and emotional state, gaining her self-belief back. To me, that is the ultimate prize for becoming fit and healthy. Lucy, you look amazing and well done on your awesome results. 

Some words from Lucy after she had finished Phase 1 of my F.I.T. program.

"I have just completed my first round of F.I.T Phase 1. I'm overwhelmed with how far I've come and can't wait to keep pushing hard and continue my clean eating journey! I have managed to break a number of bad habits over the last 4 weeks and lost 3.2kg kilos. On Day 1 (photos on the left) I was 72.9kg and by day 28 I was 69.7kg. My biggest physical change was my stomach, where I lost around 10cms. I went through a very stressful first half of 2015 and my stomach became so inflamed and bloated after too many poor food choices. But my biggest change overall from this program was my emotional and mental state as a result of fuelling my body with healthy and nourishing foods and building back my strength and self-belief in the gym. Thank you so much, Emily and team, Lucy x"

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