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9 ways to maximise your workout for total fat loss

9 ways to maximise your workout for total fat loss

When I tell people my workout routine they are always surprised by the limited amount of time I spend exercising. Most people think that in order to get a toned, lean body, you need to spend hours and hours at the gym. However, what I’ve discovered is that it’s all about how you exercise, not how much you exercise. My F.I.T. programs have all been designed to get you working smarter at the gym, so you can achieve your fat loss goals. Here are a few tweaks you can add to your workout routine, to maximise fat loss and smash through any plateaus. Read more below.

1. Get your sweat on.
If you are aiming for fat loss, it’s time to get super sweaty and start working your butt off. Just going through the motions, isn’t going to help you lose fat. From a scientific perspective, it’s the intensity of how your exercise that gets the metabolism going. So if you aren’t red-faced and in desperate need of a shower after your workout, it’s time to increase the intensity.

2. Put on headphones.
I don’t know about you, but if I’m listening to some super pumping music, I go a lot harder at the gym. It also gives me a great boost to increase my intensity when I’m feeling a little low on energy. I also find it helps me go just that little bit longer too.

3. Vary your intensity.
Science shows that your body burns more calories when you change the intensity of your workout. So rather than working at a steady state for your cardio, you want to alternate the intensity from high to low, bringing your heart rate up and down. This style of exercise is called HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and has become super popular and is incorporated in all of my F.I.T. programs. Unlike LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State) training, HIIT not only burns calories during your workout but for hours after. That’s because you create metabolic changes in your body, making you burn fat more efficiently.

4. Engage your core in every exercise.
Most exercises require some core engagement. Not only does this help protect you, as the core stabilizes the body, it will also help you burn more calories. The core is one of the bodies largest muscle groups, therefore when you keep it engaged throughout your workout, it helps boost your metabolism and burn more fat. So for every exercise you do, be sure you tighten your core.

5. Incorporate balance exercises.
Incorporating balance exercises into your workouts is a great way to burn more calories. When you stand on a Bosu ball, use a Swiss ball, or step up on a bench, your body needs to incorporate a lot more muscle groups to help you balance and move against gravity. This ultimately helps with burning more calories in your workout, leading to a greater fat loss.

6. Get outdoors.
Getting outdoors can be a great way to boost your workout and help you burn more calories. I love taking my workouts to a local park or beach. Not only do you get more oxygen delivered to the body, but changing the environment in which you train can bring a new level of intensity to your workout. If you have ever tried running on sand or doing hill sprints, you will know exactly what I mean.

7. Lift weights.
I can’t say this enough, but if you want to turn your body into a fat burning machine, then you need to lift weights. Lifting weights helps the body build lean muscle and it’s your muscle that burns calories. Therefore, the more muscle you have the better your body will be at burning fat. That’s why in all my workout programs I incorporate strength training. If you already lift weights, don’t be afraid to increase the size you lift for an increased intensity.

8. Get rid of your gym time wasters.
It can be easy to get to the gym and fill up your time with small time wasters. Taking a million toilet breaks, water breaks or stopping to talk to every person, can soon see you spending hours at the gym and with not much to show for it. I like to get razor sharp focus when I enter the gym, that way I can get in and get out.

9. Don’t forget to stretch.
Stretching is such an important component to any fitness routine. Whilst it may not feel like you are burning calories when you stretch, what you are doing is helping your muscles recover and helping them prepare for future workouts. Therefore if you skip the stretching your muscles won’t be nearly as effective next time you hit the gym.

So if fat loss is one of your goals try out my F.I.T. program and some of these tricks to maximise your workouts. 

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