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Another F.I.T. success story

Another F.I.T. success story

I don't sell quick fixes or drastic weight loss fads. My F.I.T. programs are all about making long-term lifestyle changes, that mean you can live a happy and fit life, where you look and feel your best. It's all about getting results that last, which is exactly what the gorgeous Katie has done. Over the last year, she has slowly transformed her body and healthy living habits, to get these amazing results. I love that through using my programs Katie has learnt how to look after her body the best way possible and even come to love exercise. Katie, you look awesome and all that hard work has definitely paid off. 

Some words from Katie:

"It's been about a year since I bought my first Emily Skye shred and it's safe to say, it's changed my body and my life! A year ago, I was unhealthy, unfit and unhappy with no idea about how to eat or exercise properly. I would start fitness plans, lose interest within a few days and give up before seeing any real changes. Now, I genuinely enjoy working out and looking after my body. The plans make it easy to incorporate strength training into your life and teach you how to fuel your body properly with delicious food. Looking back at my photos from a year ago, I just can't believe the differences! I just wish I'd taken more! The first photo is from a year ago, the second about six months ago, and the last is from this week :) The best thing, for me, has been becoming part of the most supportive online forum full of ladies on the same journey as you. I visit the page every day for motivation, encouragement and answers to my questions, and I genuinely believe that I wouldn't still be on my fitness journey if it wasn't for both Emily Skye and these ladies! :)"

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