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A fat loss formula that really does work

A fat loss formula that really does work

When it comes to getting fit and healthy I always say aim for fat loss, not weight loss. I see too many girls obsessing about the number on the scales. If you want to get a toned lean body, then fat loss is key and the formula is really quite simple. My F.I.T. programs have all been designed using my smart effective fat loss formula, which boils down to three main things.

1. Switch from long cardio to weight/strength training and HIIT
I used to have the misconception that in order to be lean you needed to spend hours and hours on the cardio machine. Then I discovered that the key to burning fat and getting lean is to build muscle. And not the bulky kind of muscles, I’m talking about nice feminine lean muscle here where you look fit and toned. When you have more muscles you burn more calories, even when you aren't exercising. My body really changed when I switched my workouts to strength training in the form of weights and HIIT (high-intensity interval training). HIIT are short and intense workouts where you perform one exercise after another with little or no rest in between. It includes core, cardiovascular and resistance training so it promotes power, flexibility & aerobic endurance while shredding fat to get a lean defined physique. The best thing about HIIT is you can burn way more calories in half the time of traditional cardio. When you combine both strength and HIIT training you really  turn your body into a total fat burning machine.

2. Rest
If you don't rest you run the risk of over-training and the body actually storing more fat. That's why it’s so important to incorporate rest days into your exercise routine. Rest days are for your body to heal and regenerate after extensive exercise. If you don’t allow your body to rest then it will go into overdrive and you won't get the results you want. Getting enough sleep is also important as this when the body heals. I always recommend 7 - 8 hours a night but this can depend from person to person.

3. Remove deprivation diets and fill up on nourishing whole foods
I see too many girls think that in order to burn fat they need to seriously restrict their calories and go on major deprivation diets. Let me just say one thing and I couldn’t say this enough, deprivation diets don’t work. Or if you do get some results, they generally don’t last for the long term. In order to get the body functioning at optimal levels and burning fat, you need to fuel it with whole nutrient dense foods. When you put yourself on majorly calorie restrictive diet, not only can you create long-term metabolic damage, you aren't giving your body enough nutrients to function properly, leaving you worn out, tired and sick. Often resulting in giving up or going on a big binge. Remember it’s important to make healthy living a lifestyle, not crash-dieting. So chuck out all your packaged processed foods and fill up on lean meats, fresh fruit and vegetables, good quality complex carbs like quinoa or brown rice and even aIf you want to learn how to fuel your body with wholesome nourishing foods, where you don't go hungry and turn your body into a fat burning machine, then check out my F.I.T. programs.  

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