Is coconut water making you fat? - Emily Skye

Is coconut water making you fat?

Is coconut water making you fat?

Everyone is going crazy over coconut, coconut oil and coconut water. From foodies to athletes, to superstars, nearly everyone has been spotted with coconut water in their hands over the last few years. I have previously written a post about coconut oil but thought I might write something about this drink as well. Coconut water is still hugely popular and has been claimed to be somewhat of a miracle health drink.

Coconut water comes from young coconuts, and some of the nutrients you can find in coconut water include potassium, magnesium, sodium, manganese, zinc, selenium, and iodine. There are also small amounts of B-vitamins. Some of the health claims that have been associated with coconut water include better skin, curing hangovers, being a weight loss remedy, a digestive aid, good for hydration and assisting in regulating blood pressure. Although, these health claims sound impressive and might make you want to drink litres of coconut water, you might want to reconsider. Read on…

If you love the taste of coconut, you probably also like quenching your thirst with this drink on a hot summer day, like I do. One of the main reasons why I like coconut water is that it is naturally sweet and does not need adding sugar or sweeteners to taste good. Natural coconut water is also low in fat and calories, being a great lower calorie substitute for sugary soft drinks that are normally loaded with sugar and other nasties. In fact, coconut water contains 50% fewer calories than a Coca-Cola and NO additives!

However, is your coconut water making you fat or does it assist with fat loss? Although coconut water is a better alternative than soft drinks, you will need to keep in mind that coconut water does contain calories. Having a serve of coconut water will probably not make a huge difference with 58 kcal in 250 mL. However, if you replace regular water, drinking a large amount of coconut water it will make the calories add up quickly.

Also, keep in mind that the nutrients found in coconut water are not unique and eating a healthy, balanced diet will provide you with all of the same nutrients. That is why I am recommending eating plenty of nutrient dense foods in my F.I.T. programs, and I normally recommend plain water for hydration. However, if you like the taste of coconut water, there is no harm in you having some. And while you are at it, why don’t you try my smoothie recipe I posted on Instagram not long ago?

Healthy Green Smoothie

1 cup of coconut water
1 green apple (core taken out)
1 squeezed lime
2 handfuls of baby spinach
1 small handful of mint leaves
1 cucumber

Blend and serve

Do you drink coconut water for its claimed health benefits? Or do you prefer plain water for hydration?

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