Motivation Monday!!! - Emily Skye

Motivation Monday!!!

Motivation Monday!!!

I created my F.I.T. programs at the beginning of this year and since then women from around the world have been using it to make amazing healthy lifestyle changes. These programs aren't about some quick fix solution, it's about empowering woman and giving them the tools to become the best versions of themselves. Just like Julia here, who has had great results so far on my programs. By hard work and commitment, she has been able to drop nearly 30 lbs in 3.5 months. Julia you look amazing and keep up the hard work. 

Words from Julia:

"I had let myself go in a year and gained 50lbs. I have followed Emily on Instagram and Facebook for a while now, and she has always inspired me. She is so relatable and funny, I loved being able to feel that connection. In June when I stepped on a scale and saw that I weighed 194 lbs I was shocked. I couldn't believe that I let myself go that bad. I finally decided to give Emily's programs a try. I bought all three FIT phases and started doing them. In just 3.5 months I went from 194 lbs to now being 165lbs, almost 30 lbs difference!! I love these programs because I hate cardio, and these programs don't require a lot of it. I love following Emily, and her cute personality, I also love the support in the group forum. Thank you all for making magic!!"

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