Quit soft drinks + my top tips to help you - Emily Skye

Quit soft drinks + my top tips to help you

Quit soft drinks + my top tips to help you

Soft drinks are a very popular beverage and you can find them everywhere. However, this sweet drink does leave a bitter aftertaste, and a regular consumption of sugary soft drinks has been associated with a higher risk of developing diabetes, heart attack, gout, osteoporosis, and obesity. Sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it?

What about the calorie-free alternatives? They do not contain any sugar, so surely they must be better, right? You might think you are doing yourself a favour as you are saving calories by drinking diet soft drinks whilst satisfying your craving for something sweet, but you are actually not. Despite the fact that diet soft drinks do not contain the sugar found in regular soft drinks, they should still be avoided if you want to optimise you health and boost your weight loss.

Eliminating diet soft drink from your diet will improve your health, as the chemicals, artificial sweeteners, and other additives are not good for your body. They might not cause immediate harm and despite currently not enough evidence to suggest that there are any long-term health risks from drinking diet soft drinks to draw firm conclusions, there are some studies that have linked diet soft drinks with tooth decay, osteoporosis, heart disease and depression. What I would like for you to keep in mind is that diet soft drinks do not have any health bringing properties. And, if you want the best for your health, I would recommend for you to stop drinking soft drinks completely, even the zero calorie ones.

My top tips to stop drinking soft drinks

  1. Don’t buy any
    This is probably one of the easiest ways for you to avoid drinking soft drink. If you don’t buy any, you are less likely to drink it.
  2. Know your triggers
    Do you only drink soft drink at a certain time of the day or at certain places? By identifying your triggers, you are more likely to find strategies to deal with them.
  3. Take it slow
    Although, I would like to tell you to stop straight away, you might want to take it slow if you have been drinking several soft drinks per day for quite some time. Start with reducing to one soft drink per day, then reduce to a just a couple per week. After another week or so, you should cut them out completely.
  4. Make a healthy swap
    If you want to stop drinking soft drinks, you can try to swap the soft drink for a healthy alternative, like water. Water is the best beverage as it doesn’t contain any calories and actually have health bringing qualities. If you don’t like the taste of water, you can always infuse it with berries, fruit and also some vegetables.
  5. Have a cuppa tea
    If you want some flavour, rather than plain water, why not try to replace your soft drink with tea? Herbal, green and white teas have got numerous health benefits and are much better for you than the soft drink.
  6. Remind yourself
    If swapping to tea or water doesn’t make you crave the soft drink less, remind yourself why you are quitting soda. Is it:
    - To enhance your health?
    - To reduce your intake of artificial sweeteners?
    - To reduce your intake of phosphoric acid?
    - To reduce your intake of caffeine?
    - To save money?
    Whatever reason you may have, you know you will feel better for it!

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