Why you need to ditch "diet" food today - Emily Skye

Why you need to ditch

Why you need to ditch "diet" food today

I’m all about a healthy balance in life, even when it comes to food and allowing treats every now and again. However, one thing you will never ever see me eat, promote or have on my F.I.T. program is “diet” “low-fat” or “fat-free” food. I want to make it very clear that because something is labelled as “low-fat” or “diet”, doesn’t mean you should eat it. So many of these food products contain sugar, artificial sweeteners, processed carbs and other fillers to make them taste good. Whilst they might be lower in fat or calories, they are also very low on nutrients. In fact, some these foods have been processed so much you are far better off eating the full-fat version instead. So here are 5 reasons you need to stop eating that packaged "diet" food today.

1. It’s highly processed
I want to clear one thing up first, there are plenty of low-fat foods you can eat, that are healthy and that don’t come out of a packet. Vegetables and fruit are the perfect examples. However most of these “diet” and “low-fat” products, which are packaged and labeled as “healthy”, have been processed so much that you can barely even recognise where the food came from in the first place. When food is highly processed like that it means a lot of the key nutrients is stripped and your body will stop recognising it as food. As well, in order to give the food a long shelf life it’s been filled with additives and chemicals. You only need to start reading the ingredient lists to realise that a lot of this food should not be consumed. 

2. The body needs fat (the good kind) to function
Your body needs the right nutrients to function properly. Good fat is essential for your body, brain and organs to function properly. It also helps rebuild cells, gives you energy and produce hormones. That’s why it’s an essential nutrient to include in your daily diet. Especially when you are doing extensive exercise and your body requires proper fuel. However, there is a big difference between good fats and bad fats. When I talk about eating fat, I’m referring to the good kind. The good fat you want to eat is in foods that include polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat. You will find only good fat food listed in my F.I.T. programs.

3. Sugar
There has been a lot of attention recently on how bad sugar is for you. The problem with sugar is that it’s sneaking into so many foods, that you wouldn’t even think had it in there. Which means a lot of people are consuming far too much of it. When food manufacturers strip the fat from food, so they can call it “low fat” they generally add sugar in, so the food can still taste good. So whilst you might read the label as 97% fat free, there could be a tonne of sugar in there, that is just creating havoc on your metabolism, as well as a long list of problems sugar creates. Sugar is also just empty calories, providing not nutritional value to the body at all. 

4. Artificial Sweeteners
When a food is labelled as “diet” or “calorie free” it will be because it is jammed with artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are a man-made chemical and have been used in the diet industry for years to replicate the taste of sugar. However whilst they may not contain any calories, they are doing far more harm to the body than good. There are many different types of artificial sweeteners on the market and their effects on the human body, are the cause of much debate. All you need to know is that low-fat, low-calorie and diet food, is not as innocent as you think. Do your homework and educate yourself on what's good for you and what isn't. 

So please, stop eating the processed "diet" foods thinking they are good for you, and move over to healthy whole foods diet instead. My F.I.T. programs are a back to basics style of eating, where you eat nourishing whole foods, that taste great, fill you up and give the body a tonne of nutrients. You can even eat healthy dessert. 


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