My top exercises to get that strong and sexy back - Emily Skye

My top exercises to get that strong and sexy back

My top exercises to get that strong and sexy back

I love my new strong and fit self, and despite being the heaviest I have ever been, I am also the strongest, fittest and healthiest. As most of you know, I previously hated my body. I didn’t use to like the way I looked and I didn’t feel attractive. But over the years I have learned. I have learned that my body looks and feels better when I train regularly. I have learned that a nutritious diet is essential. The once skinny, insecure Emily is long gone, and she will never come back. This healthy lifestyle is something I am so passionate about and what my F.I.T. programs are all about! Creating a fit and strong body and mind!

Working out is something I love, and something I prioritise. Although I don’t seem to be able to avoid the flu, I try my hardest to stay injury free so that I am able to do my workouts. And, being a qualified personal trainer, I know that a strong back is really important, not only to keep injury free, but also to help improve posture and increase performance.

Below are some of my favourite back-strengthening exercises to get that sexy back.

I thought I might add this exercise as most of you might be surprised. Although push-ups are regarded as a chest exercise, your back muscles will get a great workout too. You can vary your push-ups by trying different hand placements.

How to:
Start by placing your hands underneath your shoulders and up on your toes, as pictured. While keeping your back straight and your tummy tight, lower your chest to the ground. Push away from the ground to come back to the start position.

Push Up

Chin-ups are a great exercise to target your back and upper body. If you are new to chin-ups, or do not have the strength required to pull your bodyweight up, you can use an elastic band to assist (pictured).

How to:
Grab the bar with both hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Pull your chest up towards the bar. Maintain control throughout the exercise and try not to swing.

Chin Up

Barbell Bent Over Row
This is another one of my favourites. You can both use underhand grip (pictured) or overhand grip for slightly different muscle activation.

How to:
Grab a barbell with both hands. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart. Bend at your hips, keeping your back straight and knees slightly bent. Start with the weight at a full hang. Pull the bar back towards your tummy, keeping your elbows in.

Barbell Bent Over Row

Wide Grip Lat Pull-down
This exercise targets your latissimus dorsi (lats). This is a great exercise to complement your chin-ups as the movement is similar.

How to:
Set the lat pull-down machine to accommodate you. Reach up and grab the lat pull-down bar with a overhand grip as far part as the bar will allow. Pull the bar down towards your chest. Allow the bar to return upwards under control to complete the rep.

Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Close Grip Seated Row
This exercise is great to strengthen the muscles at the back of your shoulder. These muscles are also important when you do a chest press.

How to:
Sit on a seated row machine. Lean forward and take up the cable with both hands. With a straight back, pull the weight towards your body keeping your elbows tight. Extend your arms to complete the rep.

Close Grip Seated Row

Lat pullover
Lat pullover is a great exercise as it works a lot of different muscles in your upper body. It doesn’t only work your back muscles, but your chest as well.

How to:
Place your shoulders on a bench with your body at a right angle. Start with a dumbbell over your head and lower it behind your head, while keeping your arms straight. Lift the dumbbell back over your head to complete the rep. Keep your tummy tight throughout so that you don’t sag in the middle.

Lat Pullover

What is your favourite back exercise? Let me know what you do to get that sexy back in the comments below.

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