An amazing post baby transformation - Emily Skye

An amazing post baby transformation

An amazing post baby transformation

I must say when I get transformation stories from new mums who have completed my F.I.T. programs, I'm so blown away. It takes hard work and dedication to transform your body and lifestyle, but to do it just after just having a baby is nothing short of inspirational. Just check out how amazing the results  Zhara achieved. She even did it in only two months of my F.I.T. program. Zhara, wow you look incredible and thank you so much for being part of my F.I.T. family. 

Some words from Zhara: 

"My Health and fitness journey started with Emily Skyes Fit Phase 1 in June 2015, at that stage I was 2 months post baby, after completing Fit 1 & 2 I am so happy with the results!! I love Emily's programs, not only am I loving what I am seeing, my confidence and energy levels are at their peak this has definitely shaped my life into a new healthier happier version of me."

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