Another success story using my F.I.T. programs - Emily Skye

Another success story using my F.I.T. programs

Another success story using my F.I.T. programs

Getting fit and healthy is all about making it a lifestyle that sticks. Crash diets and extreme weight loss programs, just see people lose weight, to only put it back on. That's why, when I created my F.I.T. program I wanted something that was easy to follow, filled with delicious food and gets results without feeling like you live off lettuce leaves. Since F.I.T. launching at the beginning of the year, I have seen some amazing transformations, just like Emily here, who looks absolutely amazing. Well done Emily for getting such great results. 

Words from Emily:

"I didn't weigh myself before and I haven't after but here are my measurements, waist before 72 after 66. Hips before 88 after 83. Bust before 85 after 83. Right thigh before 59 after 56 left thigh before 58 after 55. Super excited and much more confident. Thanks for a great program that's easy to follow( food and exercise) and full of delicious recipes!"

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