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How to get F.I.T. without a gym membership!

How to get F.I.T. without a gym membership!

One of the most common excuses I hear from people, is they want to get fit, but don’t want to fork out the big bucks for an expensive gym membership. While I love a good gym workout, it’s not the only way you can achieve the body of your dreams. In fact, you can enjoy a variety of different workouts at home or outdoors without an expensive price tag, and sometimes even free.

If you think toning up, sculpting and burning fat takes expensive gym equipment, think again. Here 5 awesome ways you can challenge your body, without a gym membership.

1. Download the Emily Skye app
I had an extremely exciting announcement this week, and it’s been something I’ve been working extremely hard on over the last 12 months. I’ve finally managed to launch my own Emily Skye app, on iTunes. I wanted to develop this app as a tool that anyone can use if they want to get F.I.T. and achieve the body of their dreams. The app is completely free to download and you get a daily workout from me. So no more excuses and download it here.

2. Online fitness programs
There are so many great fitness programs and workouts online, that you can do without even having to step foot in the gym. My online F.I.T. program gives you options of either a home workout or a gym workout so you can pick and chose what suits you. You don’t even need expensive equipment at home either. You can also check out my facebook or YouTube channels for a tonne of at home fat burning workouts that require no equipment at all.

3. Get outdoors
Exercising outdoors is so much fun and there are plenty of options to choose from. I personally like to do either HIIT or Tabata style training outdoors, where I use my own body weight for resistance. Things like hill or sand sprints are another great way to burn extra calories, or even going for big nature hike is another great way to stay fit.

4. Try a Bootcamp
Bootcamps are huge where I live, near the beach. They are a great way to take your workout outdoors and are relatively inexpensive. The other great thing about a bootcamp is you get pushed to your max making you reach your fat burning potential. Having that little extra nudge from a trainer can make all the difference to your workout.

5. Find something you love
If you want to have a fit lifestyle, you need to find something you actually enjoy doing, so you don’t get bored and give up easily. There are so many active hobbies out there like surfing, snowboarding, rock climbing, gymnastics, yoga, swimming etc, that all tone the body and build strength. When you find something you enjoy, then getting active will be easy and something you want to do on a daily basis.

Remember becoming fit and healthy doesn’t mean you need to live inside a gym, nor does it mean you should do something you hate. Try news things, and find something you will love to do on a regular basis and then put your energy towards that. Sometimes starting something new can be hard and scary, but once you start to feel amazing you won’t want it to stop. Then the better you feel the more you will want to keep going. What are you some of your favourite ways to workout, that don’t involve the gym? Leave me a comment below.

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