Are these weekend habits ruining your health? - Emily Skye

Are these weekend habits ruining your health?

Are these weekend habits ruining your health?

You’ve had an amazing week, been super productive, stuck to your nutrition plan and made every gym session. However, the weekend comes and it’s easy to throw all that hard work out the window. Whilst the weekend should be about relaxing and having some fun, you could potentially be ruining all your results and your overall health, just from your weekend habits alone. Here are 5 of the worst weekend habits you should get rid of, not only to get F.I.T. but so you can become the best you can be.

1. Weekend binge eating
Weekend binge eating is probably one of the most common bad weekend habits I see women doing. They are amazing all week but then come the weekend go for everything unhealthy in sight. This only puts you back at square one, as you undo all the hard work you put in during the week. It also creates a very unhealthy relationship with food, as you go through the binge and restrict cycle. Being fit and healthy is all about having a good balance. Yes if you have specific goals you might need to be a little more strict at times. However for long term health, balance is key. I will often treat myself, but then I will also work hard at the gym. If I do have a treat then I’ll make sure my next meal is nice and healthy. It’s about finding a good balance in your eating and life, so you don’t go from one extreme of being super strict and not touching anything bad, to then completely overindulging and overeating.

2. Sleeping all day
It’s easy when the weekend hits to want to have a sleep in. Keeping the body well rested is super important to your overall health. However, if you end up spending all morning in bed, it’s only going to set your body clock out of routine, making it that much harder to get up on Monday morning when the alarm goes off. Having a small sleep in is fine, but try and not make it more than one hour beyond your normal wake up time, to keep your body clock regular.

3. You blow out at brunch
I love going for brunch over the weekend at my local cafe. It's such a relaxing way to enjoy a meal with some good company. However, does your brunch meal soon turn into a massive blowout? You've ordered the big breakfast, with a smoothie, a coffee and that extra side of hash browns. Or perhaps you went for the deluxe stack of pancakes, that is covered in cream, maple syrup and all sorts of other goodies. It is good to have treats every now and again but if your weekend brunch habit is your excuse you eat everything and anything on the menu, you may want to re-consider your order. You can still enjoy brunch with friends and eat a healthy meal. 

4. Excessive drinking
I’ve never been a huge drinker so this has never been a problem, but I know a lot of women who use alcohol as their tool to unwind and relax in the weekend. Whilst it’s totally okay to enjoy a drink in moderation, too many people don’t stick to the moderation part. In fact, over here in Australia, we have one of the worst binge drinking cultures worldwide. Not only does drinking contribute massive to weight gain and prevent fat loss but it’s also affects your ability to recover from exercise, decrease your ability to build muscle and also leads to a range of other health problems. If you do like to have a drink or two in the weekend, do so in moderation.

5. Taking work home with you
Because of technology these days we are always accessible. The problem is this is now a leading cause to a lot of stress in people’s lives. The weekend should be about relaxing and regenerating your energy so you can take on the next week. However, a lot of people take work home with them over the weekend in an attempt to "catch up". Stress is a leading cause to weight gain and also a long list of other health problems and disease. Make sure you are taking time each weekend to allow yourself to rest.

Are you guilty of any of these weekend habits?

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