5 foods that will ruin your abs!! - Emily Skye

5 foods that will ruin your abs!!

5 foods that will ruin your abs!!

I’m sure you have heard the saying before “that abs are made in the kitchen” and it’s popular for a reason…. it’s true. If you want to get a toned flat belly, you need to do effective fat burning exercises, as well as eat healthy whole foods. What you eat on a day to day basis really can affect your results. Whilst in my F.I.T. programs I show you what healthy whole foods you should fill up on, here is a list of foods you definitely need to avoid if you want to achieve that shredded tummy.

1. Carbonated beverages
Not only does the gas in carbonated beverages cause major bloating but most fizzy drinks are filled with sugar too. They are completely empty calories and provide no nutritional value to the body at all. Not only do these drinks ruin your abs, they have also been associated with a higher risk of developing diabetes, heart attack, gout, osteoporosis, and obesity. All the more reason to avoid at all costs. And, before you think you can start drinking the “calorie-free” drinks instead, think again. Artificial sweeteners are not only extremely bad for you (some say even worse than regular sugar), but they also affect your metabolism and prevent fat-burning.

2. Refined grains
All of my F.I.T. programs are completely gluten-free and only contain healthy whole grains. Refined grains like white bread, pasta, and white rice are all a major no no if you want abs. That’s because most of these foods cause bloating and also spike your insulin, promoting fat storage on the belly. Stick to healthy whole grains like quinoa, brown rice or oats to keep you full and give you sustained energy.

3. Iodized table salt
Eating foods high in sodium can lead to water retention and our belly’s looking bloated and puffy. A lot of processed foods contain iodized table salt without you even knowing, so if you are also adding more on top of your meal you could be overdosing on salt. Try and buy salt-reduced products where you can. 

4. Potato products
White potatoes and all the delicious fried foods made from them need to be completely avoided, especially if you want a flat tummy. They are high in GI, which will only spike your blood sugar and lead to overeating when it drops back down. Then things like crisps and fries are all cooked in bad oils that will just make you store more fat. If you are craving potatoes or fries, you can make you own oven-baked sweet potato fries for a healthy alternative. In my opinion, they actually taste better too.

5. Anything with processed sugar in it
Studies now show that sugar is one of the worst culprits for not only gaining weight but also leading to all sorts of other health problems, like heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Sugar causes an immediate spike in insulin, which leads the body to crash and burn later and increase fat storage.  

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