New Year’s ‘Positive Affirmation’ - Emily Skye

New Year’s ‘Positive Affirmation’

New Year’s ‘Positive Affirmation’

It is that time of the year again, when the holidays are drawing to an end and a new year has arrived. Many of us have been overindulging in delicious foods and drink and this can often prompt our ‘New Year’s resolution’ to involve some regret or negativity.

So if you find that your NY resolution has a negative note to it, why not change it for a positive affirmation instead? So instead of saying “This year I won’t (eat chocolate)”, change it for something positive like “This year I will (nourish myself with healthy foods)”

The more we love and appreciate ourselves, as opposed to ridiculing ourselves for what we see as our faults or pushing ourselves towards achieving an unrealistic idea of perfection (perfections doesn’t exist!), the more happy and fulfilling our lives will be.

Life's for living after all!

So this year, instead of having a specific resolution, try writing a list of positive intentions that you can keep at hand, such as on your fridge or beside your bed, so that you get a chance to read them each day.

Here are some great positive intention ideas that you can use in place of your usual resolution:

1. Spend some time each day just for you. Such as a massage, a walk on the beach, meditate or even just have some quiet time alone. It is important to set a little time aside each day to nourish your inner self.

2. Stop to smell the roses. It is very easy to get so swept up in work, family commitments and general responsibilities that we often forget to step back and appreciate all the good things. Like clean air, great weather, healthy food and having a strong and capable body!

3. Listen, think then speak. Communication is essential to all healthy relationships, whether it be personal or professional. Try to take the time to listen to the other person during a conversation, and then think about what you say in response.

4. Learn a new skill. This might be something as complex as learning a new language or as simple as learning a few new recipes. It is healthy to keep your body and mind stimulated and challenged, so keep working towards new goals and skills.

Wishing you all a happy and safe New Year!

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