How to avoid piling on those extra kilos this holiday season - Emily Skye

How to avoid piling on those extra kilos this holiday season

How to avoid piling on those extra kilos this holiday season

Wow, how is it Christmas time already? This year has just been so amazing it’s flown by so quickly. I absolutely love Christmas time, however I know it can be one of the hardest times to stay on track with your health and fitness goals. Life get’s extremely busy as work amps up and there is always a million social engagements on at once. Unhealthy food is everywhere and the alcoholic drinks are endlessly flowing. To make sure you don’t veer down the unhealthy route I decided it would be great to share with you my favourite tips on how to stay fit and healthy this holiday season.

Make healthy versions of your favourite Christmas treats
Are you worried about not having the willpower to say no to your favourite Christmas treats? If so then see how you can turn them into something healthier. There are so many great recipes out there you can recreate so you don’t feel like you have to go deprived.

How To Avoid Piling On Those Extra kilos this holiday season

Avoid unhealthy snacking
It seems that food just appears everywhere over Christmas time but try and avoid grazing and unhealthy snacking. A common thing I see is people just nibbling on small unhealthy treats and thinking it’s okay because they are only having a small amount. However problem is they keep going back for more, which adds up. I like to carry healthy snacks on me like unroasted nuts and seeds or vege sticks. That way I have something to reach for when I get hungry and temptation arises. If you are going to a Christmas party where there will be party favourites make sure you have a big healthy meal before hand, so you aren’t tempted to graze.

Don’t let one slip up ruin the rest of the year
Please please please don’t let one cheat meal or bad day ruin all your hard work. I’ve seen it so many times at Christmas when people have one bad thing they then slip into the mentality of “oh well I’ll re start again in the New Year”. Don’t let a cheat meal, turn into a cheat day that then turns into a cheat week or cheat month. If you have that piece of chocolate cake or piece of pizza, then just make sure your next meal is super health. We are all human so don’t beat yourself up if you go off course and it’s okay to treat yourself every now and again. Just make sure you get back on track as soon as possible and keep working towards your goals.

Plan ahead
If you know you have a busy week ahead that will interrupt your normal routine, make sure you plan ahead. Remember your health and fitness goals are a priority and shouldn’t come at the expense of getting busy. If you aren’t going to have time on a certain day for the gym, see if you can at least squeeze in some form of activity. Even if it’s a brisk walk at lunch or use one of my quick outdoor workouts you can find on Facebook, doing something is always better than nothing. If you know you’ll be out late and won’t have time to cook dinner then make extra’s the night before and have leftovers. When you carefully plan ahead it’s easy to not let the busy silly season get in the way of your goals.

Don’t stay out too late
Sleep is so important in letting the body recover and party season can certainly take its toll if you are having late night after late night. Not only does poor sleep affect your body but it also leads to poor decision making when it comes to food and exercise. So make sure you still get plenty of rest and avoid continuous late nights if you can.

Choose your drinks carefully
I’m not a big fan of drinking myself and by no means promote it, however I understand that for some people they will want to have a drink or two over the Christmas period. So if you are really wanting to have a drink then try and stick to clear spirits with some soda water and lime. That way you are avoiding any excess sugar consumption then you need to. Always drink with some food in your stomach, drink slowly have a glass of water between drinks.

Have Fun
Remember whilst it’s important to stay on track, you need to enjoy yourself too. Getting fit and healthy is a lifestyle and if you just deprive yourself of fun it’s not going to be one you stick to for the long term. So get out there, surround yourself with loved ones and enjoy yourself this holiday season.

It’s been such an amazing year, and I’m so grateful for all my wonderful community who bring me so much joy and happiness on a daily basis. I can’t wait for what next year will bring as I work hard to bring you guys more workouts, healthy living tips, recipes and inspiration. If you have any healthy tips on what you do to stay healthy over the holiday season, please share below.

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