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Lift your body to the next level

Lift your body to the next level

Strength training and weightlifting is a worldwide fitness trend that has been growing stronger each year (excuse the pun!). But unfortunately a lot of women restrict themselves to just a few light dumbbell curls, or triceps extensions, to keep their arms toned.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with lifting light weights, however there is so much more to be gained for gradually increasing the resistance. This brings me to my topic for this blog: Olympic Lifting (or at least Olympic style lifts).

I know what you are thinking “Whoa! I’ve seen some of those female Olympic lifters, I don’t want to look as bulky as that!” And that’s understandable, it is a common misconception. That’s all it is though, a misconception. Sure if you decided to take Olympic lifting to the professional level and want to compete in the highest weight classes, then yes you would need to bulk up. However like all good things the key here is moderation.

In reality, 95% of women who do Olympic lifting don’t compete or practice every day. Instead they incorporate it as part of their weekly balanced routine in order to gain the immense health and fitness benefits that it brings.

If your ideal body image is a stick figure thin super model, then perhaps this isn’t for you. However if you want a booty like J. Lo, legs like Katy Perry and abs like Gwen Stefani, then you should definitely think about incorporating some Olympic style lifts into your workout routine!

Here are some of the best lifts for getting a sexy, toned and fit looking figure:

Barbell Squats:

If you to want to get a sexy posterior, toned legs and a killer core (all whilst burning through calories) then you should consider incorporating squats into your routine. Air squats without any equipment are perfect for when you start out, but building up the weight with barbell squats over time will skyrocket your progress.


Another amazing exercise for sculpting a killer bum, legs and core, the deadlift will also build you a strong back (strong doesn’t mean big) and tone your arms and shoulders. This is one of the greatest functional exercises you can do and is another serious calorie burner.

The Clean:

The clean is one of the traditional Olympic lifts, the kind you see big Scandinavians doing in the real Olympics. Don’t let this intimidate you. The clean is a fantastic total body conditioning exercise that will tone and tighten every part of your body. Plus this is one of the essential foundation movements that you need to master in order to progress to the more advanced Olympic lifts (and trust me, once you see the results you will want to continue!).

A quick note though, if you have never tried Olympic lifts before you should get professional instruction for your first few times, either with a personal trainer or one of the many great group classes that are available.

Happy lifting ladies!

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