Choose to be happy - Emily Skye

Choose to be happy

Choose to be happy

Loving ourselves is one of the hardest things to do. It took me years to be able to love myself and it’s actually why I exercise and eat nutritious food!

We compare ourselves to the unattainable which causes us to feel “not good enough” or have low self worth.

We know "perfection" doesn’t exist and yet we beat ourselves up for NOT being perfect.

There are so many things that go on in our lives that we have no control over but we allow them to negatively affect us... such as; what other people think of us, how other people live, how they look, what job they have, how much money they make, what car they drive, where they live, their level of education etc etc.
I don’t believe that comparison serves us any purpose. Comparison usually makes us feel insecure, miserable, frustrated and “not good enough” and we feel as though we can’t be happy with what we have right now or we can't be happy until we reach our goal. - I believe this is completely unhealthy for our self worth and is not a way to live a happy life.

Life is a journey and it has many ups and downs and it’s a process. I believe it’s important to learn how to be happy and be grateful for everything we have right now even if we haven’t reached our “goal” yet.

Striving to be like someone else or look like someone else is never attainable. Striving to be our best and using others as motivation is fine as long as they’re someone who has done something similar to you, or has a similar body to you.

We need to be responsible for ourselves; how we choose to live, what we choose to do and who we choose to use as “inspiration”, “motivation” or as a “role model”.

There will always be external influences that have the potential to destroy our self worth if we allow them to. This is why I believe that many issues we have are internal. If someone or something is making you feel bad or causes you to have low self esteem then it’s important to have a look at what could be causing it - most of the time it is coming from within.

I try to be a positive role model and I realise I have a responsibly and take the influence I have on others very seriously but I know too well that I can’t be all things to everyone. I do the best I can to reach as many people as possible and deliver a positive, realistic and helpful message. It's not easy but I love what I do so it's worth it.

The biggest accomplishment in my life is self love and if I can somehow help others achieve this then I’m going to do it and I won’t stop no matter what!

Self worth and self love can only be achieved from within, it can’t be gained from others.

Everything we choose to do should be from a place of LOVE, not hate. I love myself and my body so I choose to exercise and eat healthy so I can be my best and feel my best. I want others to feel this way too - however that’s achieved because we’re all different and what makes me happy is different for someone else.

Love who you are now and realise that this is a process and the goal is to ultimately be HAPPY - whether you exercise and eat healthy food or not…. you should always do things that make you happy, not what you think will please others.

It’s not about “perfection”, it’s not about comparison, it’s not about being ‘the best” - it’s about doing my best and being “my best", and loving everything that I am - flaws and all. - This is what makes us human and unique after all!


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