7 of the best exercises you can do anytime, anywhere! - Emily Skye

7 of the best exercises you can do anytime, anywhere!

7 of the best exercises you can do anytime, anywhere!

Just because you don’t have your skipping rope, dumbbell, resistance band or mat handy, or the closest gym is miles away, doesn’t mean your body needs to be neglected. There are literally hundreds of exercises, or exercise variations that can be used at anytime, and require no more equipment than your own arms and legs.

Here are 7 of my favourites that will ensure your whole body gets included in the fun!

High Knees - It’s always good to start your workout with a warming exercise and this simple, yet effective cardio based exercise will definitely get you warm. High knees develop strength and endurance in the hip flexors and quads, as well as giving a nice stretch to the hip extensors and glutes. Remember to try and keep the height you raise your knees to consistent. It can help to hold your hands at that height so your palms lightly touch your knees with each lift.

Burpee - Another good warm up practice that will get your heart pumping, burpees are a total body conditioning workout that will improve the strength and endurance of muscles in your arms, chest, abs, glutes, quads and hamstrings.

Up Down Plank - This exercise is basically a combination between a push-up and a plank. It targets your abs, lower back, triceps glutes and quads and is fantastic for strengthening your core. Don’t forget to engage your abs and try to maintain a steady pace as you move up and down through the exercise.

Squat Jumps - Such a simple exercise with so much to give! Squats will tighten your buns and strengthen and tone your legs and hips.

Lunges - Another simple, yet versatile exercise, lunges will target your quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves, and major core muscles. Mix it up a bit by practicing reverse lunges, jump lunges and curtsy lunges.

Bicycle Crunches - Another core strengthening practice that will get your heart pumping, this exercise will target your upper and lower abs, but also has a toning effect on your glutes and quadriceps.

Side Plank Rotations - Targeting your obliques and your rectus abdominus, this strengthening practice will also work your quads, glutes, deltoids (shoulders) as well as your lower back. Remember not to let your hips drop too low and keep your core engaged!

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