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All about abs

All about abs

You want to work on defining your ab muscles so that they are stronger and more visible? Chances are you are going about it the wrong way!

Obviously you want to be doing some resistance training that targets the area of your core, and if you are the kind of person that tends to carry around a little extra insulation, endurance training is particularly important, as is ensuring you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Yet where most people go wrong is that they use a couple ab focused exercises and just stick with those.

Here is the surprising thing, the well-known ‘sit-up’ isn’t your abs best friend like many people believe. There is no doubt that the sit-up has its place and can be an incredibly effective tool for making your abs temporarily appear more prominent. However they can also place unnecessary strain on your lower back and hips. If you are working on ab muscles that haven't yet become visible, there are some other more rounded exercises that will not only be more effective in revealing your abs, but will also provide a safer and more all-round core strengthening workout.

Here are 5 ab focused exercises that require no equipment and can be done anytime, anywhere!

Front plank - This isometric exercise not only targets the rectus abdominus (abs), it also targets the transversus abdominis and erector spinae, meaning it targets your abs at the same time as balancing them with your lower back.

Tuck under side planks - Much like the normal plank, the side plank with a tuck under still targets your abs and lower back, with the added benefit of working your obliques and hip flexors too.

Bicycle crunch - The bicycle crunch is a fantastic way of targeting your abs and at the same time working both your internal and external obliques.

Double leg raises - This is another practice that shouldn’t be underestimated. The isometric use of the abdominal muscles, to stabilize the body during movement, provides a powerful ab workout.

Pike Crunch or V-Ups - This is another great ab targeting exercise that will simultaneously work your abs and back muscles, giving you an overall core workout.

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