Healing your heart - Emily Skye

Healing your heart

Healing your heart

Experiencing a broken heart is not an uncommon experience, yet it can be an incredibly painful and challenging one. When you are not the one to end the relationship, or it has ended because the other person has hurt you, the experience can be quite debilitating. I read somewhere that the best advice is not to date destructive people. Let's be honest though, the heart wants what it wants and we can’t always know if a person is destructive before we start dating!

So here is my advice for helping you heal your heart after heartbreak:

Give yourself time to heal - Having time to heal is very important. If you go diving into a new relationship just after your heart has been hurt, you are bound to be carrying some hefty baggage with you. So do yourself (and your next potential partner) a favour and give yourself some time to heal. Spend time with friends and family, or even some relaxing time on your own, so that you can heal before you make your heart vulnerable again.

Learn the lessons and grow from them - All the bad experiences you had in your past relationship are hopefully experiences learnt. Try to grow from them so that you don’t end up revisiting old patterns.

No point in over analysing - When a relationship ends, a common reaction it to analyse each and every angle, trying to figure out where it went wrong, or who’s to blame. This will only work to extend the time it will take you to heal. The best course of action is acceptance and then working towards moving forward.

Let go of mementos - This doesn’t mean you need to chuck away all your photos or get rid of anything they may have bought you, however sleeping with their t-shirt is not going to help your healing!

Exercise and eat well - Spiralling into a pattern of poor eating choices and staying curled up in bed for days on end might seem like it is comforting you, but your body and mind need good nutrients and regular exercise to stay happy and feeling good. If you feel like curling up in bed with a movie, go for a 20 minute jog first just to get those endorphins pumping.

Remember you are only human - Sometimes when we experience a broken heart, we can view all the mistakes and problems as being our own. Though this might be partially true in some cases, we are all only human. This means that both you and your partner came into the relationship with strengths and weaknesses. No one is perfect. This isn't to say we should blame either ourselves or the other person, if a relationship ends then the best thing that can be done is forgive yourself or the other person in order to accept and move on.

Remember that all these experiences in life are helping you grow into the perfect version of yourself so that when ‘the one’ comes along you will be able to love them to your best ability and they will be able to reciprocate those feelings!

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