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Start your day off on the right foot

Start your day off on the right foot

Starting your day off on the right foot sets the foundation for a fantastic day ahead. What better way to do this than getting yourself up and moving first thing. Not only will this kick start your digestive system, stimulate your metabolism and get your body pumping oxygen rich blood throughout your body, it will also give you a burst of all those helpful hormones we need to feel happy and alert. This is why I recommend getting your body moving before you do anything else (except maybe using the bathroom!).

Working out first thing simply isn’t everyone's cup of tea. Perhaps you don’t have much energy first thing, or maybe you don’t have much time? This is why I recommend you try this simple 7 minute workout. It will literally only take 7 minutes yet you will be surprised how much energy you have afterwards!

Remember it is only 7 minutes so try to keep your resting between each exercise under 5 seconds!

  • 1 minute - Skipping - Haven’t got a rope? No problem, you can still go through the actions of jumping and moving your forearms and wrists. In fact this can be easier because you won’t trip, however it is important that you still work the body by keeping the skipping fast paced and getting your feet up off of the ground!
  • 1 minute - Jumping jacks - Remember that you are only doing a 7 minute workout and you want to get your heart rate up and your whole body moving, so keep your arm and leg movements wide and controlled.
  • 1 minute - Burpees - Just normal burpees are fine, however if you want to put the push-up in there, then go for it!
  • 1 minute - Bicycle crunches - Try to keep these fast paced, yet controlled. Working into the core and upper body.
  • 1 minute - Air squats - Just holding for a few seconds each time and working more on a controlled lowering and raising. If you are feeling extra energetic, convert these into squat jumps!
  • 1 minute - Mountain climber pulls - Remember to keep your torso and legs in a nice, straight line, engaging through your core.
  • 1 minute - Plank - What better way to finish than with a minute of planking. Feel free to use the up-down plank, or even 30 second left, 30 second right side plank, depending on what you feel like.

Then when you are done, drink a nice big glass of water and you are ready to tackle your day!

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