Making good choices when comfort eating - Emily Skye

Making good choices when comfort eating

Making good choices when comfort eating

Emotions affect us all differently, and how we deal with a specific emotion can change from one week to another. One thing that many people have in common is emotional eating. This means having a desire, or hunger, for food when you are feeling a specific emotion such as stress, sadness, anger, boredom, loneliness or even exhaustion.

Comfort eating, or emotional eating, can become a pattern of behaviour which can have some adverse effects on our health. Firstly there is the risk of overeating over a period of time and gaining unhealthy amounts of weight. Secondly there is the fact that most ‘comfort eating’ choices are often not the healthiest ones.

So if you know yourself to be a bit of a comfort eater, here are some useful tips to help you redirect that behavioural pattern into a healthier pathway.

  1. Recognise what might trigger you to emotionally comfort yourself with food. Is it anger, frustration, fear, sadness, boredom? Or is it something else? Once you can identify which emotions seem to trigger it, you can become more aware of the cravings being related to those emotions instead of just a normal hunger for nutrients.
  2. Pause when you are struck by a sudden hunger, assess whether it is a genuine need to be nourished or an emotional reaction.
  3. Find another outlet. When you recognise your cravings are coming from a need to comfort a specific emotion, you can redirect yourself into another means of dealing with it. For me it is a quick run, or HIIT workout, as these stimulate the production of my happy hormones and allow me to release any built up tension or frustration. Plus I always feel good about myself afterwards!
  4. Practice mindful eating. Take the time to enjoy your meals when you prepare them, acknowledge the nutrients they will provide you with, eat slowly and stop when you feel satisfied. This will prevent mindless overeating that often occurs when emotionally eating.
  5. Accept that we all experience a wide range of emotions each day. Some are pleasant and fun, whilst others can be a little overwhelming or unenjoyable. Don’t be hard on yourself, learn to accept the good with the bad and find healthy ways of redirecting your mood.

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