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Bringing fitness to the future

Bringing fitness to the future

I am always fascinated and excited to see what fitness based advancements, both in technology and understanding, are to be introduced in each new year. We are only a few months into 2016 and I am not disappointed! We are already seeing a whole new range of wearable tech, more advanced fitness based apps (both specialised and all inclusive) plus a whole lot more.

Wearable Tech
With the ever growing fitness focused population and the advancements of technology, we can expect big things to come from the world of wearable technology this year. Wearable tech like FitBit and Jawbone sold by the millions last year and Apple Watch and other smartwatches are expected to sell in even bigger volumes. The wealth of data that will be collected by all of these devices will drive the innovations in fitness and wellness throughout this year and beyond. If you have hit a plateau in your fitness goals, consider investing in some wearable fitness tech and experience the benefits for yourself.

Body Weight Training
People are travelling more and more these days and this often means being away from your gym or favourite fitness class. Don’t worry though, the strong emergence of body weight focused exercise programs mean that you can get an effective, heart pumping workout any time, no matter where you are. Stop chasing after the newest machine or the latest fad workout and get back to the proven basics with a solid body weight based program like my Emily Sky F.I.T program.

Recovery After Training
Another trending focus this year is on the importance of recovery and how it plays an equally important role in promoting successful physical performance. As our understanding of the body and how it adapts to exercise increases, so does our understanding of the importance of how we choose to recover. From foam rolling, compression clothing, rest periods and understanding heart rate variability, different recovery strategies all play varying roles in enhancing your body’s abilities. 2016 seems focused towards enhancing and building on the current understanding of recovery processes.

Streaming Classes
Every day thousands more people around the world get their hands on an internet connected smart device like a phone or tablet, and internet speeds are increasing in every country. This will continue to fuel the fire of the live, on-demand fitness class trend that has been growing over the last few years and see it become even bigger in 2016. If you haven’t tried a live online fitness class yet, give it a go! You will be pleasantly surprised at how motivating it is attending a live class at a set time, knowing other people all around the world are feeling the same burn you are at the same time!

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