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Rock climbing - total body workout

Rock climbing - total body workout

Modern day rock climbing is be practiced as both an indoor and outdoor sport and requires total body dedication. It will challenge you both physically and mentally as you train your body and mind to literally push yourself to new heights!

Rock climbing started to really evolve as it became popular in the early 1980’s and has since grown into varying forms of the sport.

  • Sports Climbing - This style of rock climbing refers to climbing large rock faces that have been pre-marked with bolts along the way for the climber to clip into as they progress.
  • Bouldering - This style of climbing is done rope free and generally from lower heights, often with safety mats or nets.
  • Indoor - Indoor climbing is just a general term used for climbing on man-made structures that are generally created indoors.
  • ‘Trad’ Climbing - Also referred to as ‘traditional’ climbing, this style involves using your own equipment to manoeuvre and climb over unmarked routes.
  • Soloing - This style is considered one of the more dangerous styles as it is you participating on your own and often doesn’t involve any ropes or harnesses.
  • Ice Climbing - As the name suggests, this form of rock climbing is actually done on ice, such as frozen waterfalls and sheer ice covered rock faces.

Considered an extreme sport, rock climbing engages all of your large muscle groups giving your whole body a workout. Muscles of your back, abdomen and legs are the predominant focus, with the muscles of your hands, arms and shoulders also getting put to the test.

As you climb you are toning and strengthening your whole body at the same time as increasing muscle endurance.

Because of its increasing popularity, many large gyms and indoor sports venues are adding rock climbing walls. So if you haven’t tried it before, and you are not afraid of heights, see if you can find a local indoor or outdoor rock climbing venue near you. Grab a friend, strap on a harness and get up there!

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