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5 best butt exercises

5 best butt exercises

Summer is always around the corner in some part of the world, so any time is a good time to start getting in shape! And what better place to start than sculpting that booty!

When it comes to butt exercises, a good general rule is to stay away from the machines.

I know it’s tempting to jump on one of those isolated glute machines and pump out a few sets without really breaking a sweat, but that’s exactly the problem! There are so many more benefits to be had by doing more compound exercises that engage multiple muscle groups. You will build more overall muscle shape and definition, as well as burning more fat to show off the butt definition you are working so hard to get!

Here are 5 of the best butt exercises for achieving exactly this:

  1. Squats - If you dream of having amazing glutes, there is no singularly more effective exercise than the squat. Properly executed squats with increased resistance will torch fat, tone your whole body and whip your butt into the best shape you have ever seen.
  2. Deadlift - A tricky exercise to do right, but one well worth mastering for overall stability and strength. The deadlift is one of the essential fundamental movements, and with the range of variations available it can be an excellent tool to sculpt and tone your legs and butt.
  3. Lunges - Squats and deadlifts are both great bilateral leg movements, but to get maximal benefit you want to include some single leg work like lunges. This is one of the most versatile exercises around, you can do free weight, dumbells, barbell, jumping, walking and so many more variations.
  4. Climb stairs - So simple and so effective! Take the stairs whenever possible in your day to day life, and when you are feeling like a good butt workout find your nearest bit set of stairs (hopefully somewhere scenic) and get climbing!
  5. Box Jumps - If you haven’t tried them you will be intrigued, if you have tried them you will be wary, but don’t let either stop you. Box jumps are a great fat burner and the explosive nature of the exercise will help build butt muscles in a entirely different way to the other exercises here.

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