Aim to be strong not skinny - Emily Skye

Aim to be strong not skinny

Aim to be strong not skinny

One thing I am loving about social media and Instagram right now is seeing all these amazing women out there aiming to build strength and muscles. I can finally see a shift happening away from the super skinny model days to people appreciating women with strength. However I know that there are still so many women who are obsessed with being skinny that they resort to unhealthy measures to get there. They try all sorts of weird diets, pills and detoxes just to try and look like the skinny models they see in magazines, tv or other media. I used to be skinny back in my modelling days, which came at a cost to my physical and mental health. Today I am a lot stronger then I used to be and way happier. Being super skinny is not only extremely unhealthy physically & mentally but it is unsustainable. When you start lifting weights at the gym and building strength not only is it empowering but you are setting yourself up with a body that is way healthier in the long term and sustainable to maintain.

To get strong you don’t need to starve
A lot of people still think that in order to get lean, or toned you mustn't eat much, which is definitely not the case. Personally I eat a lot and people to the surprise of many people and am no way ever depriving my body from what it needs. Don't ever starve yourself or deplete yourself to lose fat. Eat plenty of nutritious food including good fats & good carbs. Under eating is the worst thing you can do as it slows your metabolism which means once you return back to eating normally you pile back on the fat very quickly and it can take a long time to repair and rebuild a healthy metabolism. The more times you put your body through harsh diets the more you're damaging it. So please please please stay away from any fad diets.

Learn to exercise smarter
Don't rely on long hours of slow cardio training to try and burn fat. You only burn fat during your cardio session then it stops shortly after you stop. When you do strength & HIIT training you burn fat even up to 24 hours after you have stopped. This makes it a far more efficient form of exercise. Plus the more muscle you have the more fat you burn as your resting metabolic rate goes up. So it's the best way to get that "toned" look and be healthy.

Strong is healthy
The main difference between being strong and skinny is that in order to be skinny most people need to eat a very low calorie diet. In fact most girls in the aim of being skinny severely deprive themselves. This not only is unhealthy on the body physically as it damages your metabolism, hormones, bone density etc but is also extremely unhealthy on the mind. You are in a constant state of deprivation and you stop enjoying life. When you start weight training and nourishing your body with real food your energy levels go up, your body changes physically but your mental state drastically improves too. I’ve seen too many girls obsessing over calorie counting and then living in a state of guilt when they have gone over. When you get strong you feel empowered, like you can take on anything. Day to day life becomes a lot easier as with your new strength you are able to take on more things. You become super confident which to me is the healthiest way a person can be.

Emily Skye

Aiming to be strong for me has meant that I have gained over 10kg in the last five years. I have gained some shape on my skinny legs and arms but my changes aren't just physical, I also gained strength and confidence and I feel amazing from the inside out. I love having muscle and more shape and I love feeling strong and healthy. Being happy with yourself is so important. I completely believe that looks aren't everything but I also think that if you're not happy with yourself, you don't feel confident, and when you're not healthy then you're missing out on being your best. Don't aim to be skinny, aim to be fit, strong, energised & healthy.

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