Making sure your studies don’t slow you down - Emily Skye

Making sure your studies don’t slow you down

Making sure your studies don’t slow you down

Balancing a healthy lifestyle with a student lifestyle can be really challenging. Between studying for exams, stressing over assignments, attending class AND trying to maintain some resemblance of a social life, it’s not always easy making time to exercise, let alone eat healthy!

On top of all of this, there are often other stresses that play their part, such as part time work, family commitments and other responsibilities.

But does that mean you just throw your hands up and give in? Not if I can help you!

Here are my top tips to help you accommodate both your studies and your social life with staying fit and healthy.

  • Establish a routine - Having a routine set out is a great way to try and balance all the different things you need to do each day. You can even write up a weekly plan, including time for classes, studies, workouts and socialising.
  • Get plenty of sleep - Chances are you have a set time you need to be up each morning, so give yourself a cut off time each evening so that you can ensure you get enough sleep. Without sleep you are not going to have the energy to think, let alone keep active!
  • Be flexible with your workouts - It is a good idea to have a few workout routines that you can adjust to do anywhere any time. This means when an opportunity arises to do a quick 30 minute workout, you can!
  • Get creative - When you are stuck in a classroom, or in front of your computer for most of the day you might need to get creative in how you keep your body moving! Check out my blog, Keeping Active At Work, for some great suggestions!
  • Find a study/workout buddy - Having someone who you can both study with and workout with is a match made in heaven, because you can both work together to support each other.
  • Plan ahead with meals - When buying your groceries, plan ahead. Opt for healthy foods that support your brainpower and give you the energy needed to get you through each day. You are going to want to have lots of healthy quick snack food available that you can munch on the run, so that you don’t end up resorting to unhealthy snacks.

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