Surround yourself with positive people and reach your goals - Emily Skye

Surround yourself with positive people and reach your goals

Surround yourself with positive people and reach your goals

One thing I can’t stress enough is that to get to where you want to go in life, you need to make sure you are surrounded by the right people, who support you every step of the way. There is a saying out there that you become the average of the people you hang out with the most. So if you aren’t reaching your goals, maybe it’s time to take a good honest look at who you surround yourself with. I know for me in my fitness journey, life became a lot easier when I only allowed myself to be surrounded by positive people and not let the negative in. If you really want something you have to not only work hard and smart for it but be selective with the people you choose to have in your life.

Remove the negative
Negative people get joy out of when others fail, so having them in your life is only detrimental to reaching your goals. Keeping negative people around can also really drain your energy and trust me I know because I’ve had my fair share of negative people in my life. If there is someone who does not support you or brings you down then you need to ignore their behaviour and not let them affect you. Accept that you can’t change their opinion or behaviour and just focus on giving your dreams all that you can. Sometimes those closest to us don’t realise how their negative words or actions can hurt us. If there is someone in particular who you love that brings you down, try and have an honest conversation with them about how their actions affect you. They may in fact change the way they act if they understand why you are doing what you want. Remember a true friend and loved one are those who bring you up and don’t leave you feeling drained or down about yourself. Whilst we can’t control how people treat us or make us feel, we do have control over who we spend time with.

Keep the positive
The more positive people you have in your life the better. If you have a few friends who leave you feeling upbeat, happy and alive then try and hang out with them as much as you can. Not only will positive people help you when things get a little tough, they will support you in becoming the best person you can be. Positivity also attracts positivity, so the more positive people you hang out with, the more positivity you will bring into your life. So to keep you focused and happy only pay attention to those who make you feel your utmost best.

Remember to be yourself
Really get comfortable BEING YOURSELF, not who someone else wants you to be. I spent years hiding who I truly am because I was scared that people may not like me or like what I do. You see that's the thing, not everyone will like you and that’s ok. So stop trying to people please everyone and focus your attention and energy on those you love you for you and nothing else. At the end of the day if you're not living the best life you possibly can, doing what you want to do and being who you truly are then what's the point? Always be yourself and do what makes you happy.

Surround yourself with like-minded people
It's really important to surround yourself with people who are like-minded and supportive of you and what you do. If a lot of your friends aren’t into healthy eating and fitness then you are going to have so much more temptation around you. If your friends are supportive then that’s great but if not then try and start making some new ones who have the same goals as you. I was able to stay a lot more motivated when I had friends who had a positive mindset, loved to work out and look after themselves. My weekends are social but still filled with exercise and post gym catch-ups because that’s what my friends are into as well. If you can build a community around you of people who are healthy and fit, think positively and act kindly, your life will dramatically change.

It can be hard at first to start removing people from your life who no longer serve a positive influence in it. Remember though this isn’t a journey you need to take alone, so rally support from those who care and ignore the ones who don’t. I have a great positive community on Facebook and Instagram, so please join me there if you need some more positive love in your life.

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