The benefits of incorporating a ‘treat day’ into your diet - Emily Skye

The benefits of incorporating a ‘treat day’ into your diet

The benefits of incorporating a ‘treat day’ into your diet

I am not one to encourage strict dieting as a general way to lose weight, because I find that a balanced healthy diet and regular exercise is the best way to trim down and stay healthy. Plus this is a more sustainable way of living, as opposed to ups and downs of yo-yo dieting. However there is no denying that a set diet and workout regime, over a set period of time (e.g. 6 weeks), is a fantastic way to achieve the results you are after.

Yet here is some news you may be interested to hear… Even on these strict diets you might be doing yourself a favour by incorporating a treat meal. I know, it sounds a little crazy right!? But there is actually evidence that supports the fact that treat meals, often referred to as cheat meals, are just what you need to keep your body burning fat at the rate you want it to.

The way specialised fat burning diet and workout regimes work is by creating an energy deficit. This energy deficit impacts on the body’s insulin levels which is the hormone that both stimulates hunger and plays an important role in fat storage.

The problem with doing this is that after a while the body naturally adjusts to the change in diet and the rate at which is burns calories, by slowing it down. When you enjoy a treat that is more calorie rich than the strict protein rich diet you have been following, this tricks the body into burning more calories again.

So by enjoying a treat meal once a week during a strict fat burning focused diet, you are more likely to continue burning those calories at the rate you desire!

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