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Eating in season

Eating in season

There are many different reasons why opting to buy fruits and vegetables that are in season makes so much sense, and it is not just because they are often cheaper!

Packed full of the right nutrients - Mother Nature has been quite clever when it comes to creating our seasonal fresh food options, and this is because often the types of nutrients we need the most, depending on the time of the year, are often available in the foods that grow then! For example broccoli, brussel sprouts, kiwi, oranges and lemons all grow in the winter time when we need that extra vitamin C to help boost our immune systems.

Support your local community - If foods are in season then they are more likely to be grown locally and sold by the smaller businesses.

Fresher and more natural - When foods are in season there is no need to import them from overseas so your food won’t have to travel as far to get to your shopping basket. This means it is likely to be fresher and ripened on the plant!

Readily available - When foods are in season they are usually available in abundance, both in supermarkets and in fruit and veggie stalls.

Cheaper - As I mentioned above, when foods are in season they are readily available which lowers the cost.

Variety all year round - The other great thing about eating in season is the wide range of variety you get to choose from all year round, so that you are not just sticking with your favourites. In fact why not try something new when it comes in season?

So next time you go shopping, why not have a look for the fruit and veg that is in season and consider adding that to your basket!

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