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Winter skin care

Winter skin care

There are a lot of things I love about winter, such as being able to workout in the sunshine without worrying about overheating, and all the fabulous snuggly winter clothes! One thing I don’t love so much is the dry skin that often comes from the cold chilling air. I find that I use more moisturizer in the winter than I do in the hot summer months, which doesn’t seem right because you would think you would need more moisture when the sun is hot!?

So if you also experience winter dry skin, there here are a few pointers that will help you manage it:

Drink Plenty Of Water - Even though it isn’t hot and you are not sweating so much, it is really important you stay hydrated. In fact if you notice you have itchy dry skin this can be an indication that you are not getting enough water. Aim for 6+ large glasses per day.

Moisturise Often - Moisturizing is a great way to ease that itchy dry skin that can come with winter. Try to aim for a natural cream with natural fragrance free from parabens, SLS, sulphate and harsh detergents, as these will have maximum moisturising effect with minimal irritation.

Avoid Damp Clothing - Putting on damp socks or gloves will actually irritate your skin and cause itchiness and dryness, so make sure your clothes are completely dry before wearing them.

Sunscreen - Even though we don’t burn as much in the winter months because the sun is less powerful, it still has those damaging rays. So choose a face cream and hand cream with sun protection in it, to help protect your skin.

Seek Advice - If you think you are experiencing dryness or itchiness for reasons other than winter skin, it is best to check with a specialist in case there are any medications or allergies that need to be considered.

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