All shapes and sizes - Emily Skye

All shapes and sizes

All shapes and sizes

Us women come in all different shapes and sizes, and personally I think this is a good thing! Because isn’t it nice to be different? Sure we all have had times when we look at others who we see as beautiful and envy some part of them, but the truth is we all have our own unique beauty. What I find a little crazy is just how much pressure society places on what we should look like, yet the way we ‘should’ look has been constantly changing over the past 100 years.

I was reading on FB recently about newspaper ads that encouraged women to go on fat gaining diets, and implied that skinny was ugly. Yet only 20 years on skinny became the new hot look and the magazines all advertised fad weight loss diets. Poor woman were being constantly pressured to adjust their body’s to keep up with what was considered attractive!

Fortunately I feel we are all part of a healthier generation that recognises that women naturally come in all different shapes and sizes and the best approach is keeping your body as healthy and strong as possible, whilst loving yourself as you are!

So whether you are an endomorph, mesomorph or ectomorph, or you have an hourglass, pear shaped or apple body type, it really doesn't matter. You are beautiful and can work to ensure that you are as healthy, strong and happy as you can be by simply eating well, exercising regularly and never skimping on having fun!

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