5 morning habits that will transform your life - Emily Skye

5 morning habits that will transform your life

5 morning habits that will transform your life

Starting your day off the right way can mean the difference between having an awesome and productive day or having a lazy ‘off’ day. We can’t feel amazing every day (but it would be nice wouldn’t it!?). What we can do is put in place some regular practices that will help us start off on the right foot so that we can tackle our new day with as much energy and positivity as possible.

So if you feel that your mornings could do with a little sprucing, try implementing some (or all!) of these steps into your morning routine.

  1. Wake up earlier - Okay, I know what you are thinking… You are tired when you wake up so why would you want to get even less sleep? The truth is that adjusting your body to be more in tune with circadian rhythms will actually give you more energy. This means going to sleep closer to sunset and waking up closer to sunrise. So if you wake yourself up earlier, you will naturally start to feel sleepy earlier in the evenings. Besides, morning times are such great times to be up and about because the world is so still and fresh. So if you usually sleep in until 8 each day, see if you can set your alarm an hour or so earlier.
  2. Drink a glass of water - Even if you don’t realise it, your body is usually dehydrated first thing in the morning because you haven’t had any water for the past 7-9 hours. So drink a nice big glass of water before you go for your tea or coffee. Lemon water has proven to be a very cleansing way to start your day. It detoxifies your liver, cleanses your skin, freshens your breath and strengthens your immune system. So try adding half a fresh lemon to a glass of water and enjoy one first thing each morning.
  3. Have a stretch - Starting your day off with 10-20 minutes of yoga or general stretching is a fantastic way to waken your body up, stimulate blood flow and generate some focus and balance in your mind. Plus it feels really good stretching away any stiffness after your night of sleep.
  4. Positive affirmation - Just before your brush your teeth, look at yourself in the mirror and give yourself a smile, come on, you deserve it! Bring to mind a positive affirmation you would like for the day (eg; today I am going to be positive and happy) and repeat it to yourself with conviction. This might feel like a strange thing to do, but positive affirmations first thing in the morning are an excellent way to face yourself in the direction you want your day to run in.
  5. Get your heart rate up - Kick start your day by getting your heart rate up for at least 10 minutes. You can do this by going for a brisk walk, doing a quick workout or going for a cycle. This will stimulate the production of endorphins and get you feeling pumped for your day, both physically and mentally.

Sometimes when we wake up the very last thing we feel like doing is any of the above, but unless you are unwell, it is a good idea to give yourself a little kick up the backside and get up and do it. Because it is usually these days that we can use all the extra help we can get to ensure we have a good day. Trust me, you will thank yourself afterwards

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