Vlog: Beauty tips | Hulk Smoothie & Rant - Emily Skye

Vlog: Beauty tips | Hulk Smoothie & Rant

Vlog: Beauty tips | Hulk Smoothie & Rant

Some of you may already know that I have started Vlogging on my YouTube channel!

I’ve really been loving snapchatting because of how real and in-the-moment it is, but it’s far too short… especially when I talk so much haha! So I thought Vlogging would be more suitable!

I share a lot of my life and really open up in my Vlogs as I want them to show me exactly as I am with nothing contrived. I’m a weirdo and an absolute goof and I may be a little annoying, but I’m 100% ME!

I’d love it if you subscribed to my channel to keep up with my Vlogs! I already have my first one up which is in 2 parts because it was too long for one and I’m madly editing more that will go up shortly!

I hope you like them and get something informative and positive from them! If you have any feedback, questions or topics you want me to cover please let me know in a comment on my YouTube videos!


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