How tracking your progress can improve your results - Emily Skye

How tracking your progress can improve your results

How tracking your progress can improve your results

Often people ask me if I think tracking their progress is worth the time it takes, the short answer. Yes! There are many benefits to tracking your progress in relation to your fitness goals. It doesn’t matter whether you are working towards a specific goal or continuing on to maintain what you have already achieved, tracking your results will help you evaluate if what you are doing is working, as well as keep you motivated and accountable for your actions.

Is what you are doing working?

It doesn’t matter what your fitness goals are, whether it be to improve strength, speed or endurance, build muscle mass or to burn fat, if you don’t keep track of your progress then you are going to struggle determining if what you are doing is actually working or not. Over time the body can adjust to certain practices which means you might need to adjust what you are doing in order to continue seeing results.

Keeping you motivated

Having motivation is a key factor in succeeding in your fitness goals, as well as maintaining them. Keeping track of your progress and recognising the peaks and lulls will help keep you motivated to push on!

Keeping you accountable

Even when you have a specific goal in mind it can be all too easy falling into bad habits and losing your way. Keeping track of how you are doing by recording your progress will help you notice when you are diverting from achieving your goals, and what might be causing that lack of progress.

There are many apps available that make the process of recording your progress very easy, no matter what your goals are or how you chose to achieve them. Or for a little more money you can purchase a fitness tracker or you can keep it cost free and simply write it in your diary!

It doesn’t matter how you choose to keep track of your progress, recording your results will help you stay on track to reaching and maintaining your fitness goals!

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