How to eat healthy when traveling - Emily Skye

How to eat healthy when traveling

How to eat healthy when traveling

Going on road trips can be great fun, but it helps to be well prepared! You get to explore the country, see new sites, even meet some new people. One thing that I find always puts a damper on my experience is having to live off service station snacks. Sure it can be a nice treat once or twice, but if I am on a long road trip I soon get sick of it and grave some real nutrients.

So the best way to ensure you enjoy your road trip is to be prepared! Yes packing a first aid kit, sunscreen, music and pillow are all great ideas, but having a snack box full of yummy and nutritious food items that will last the distance, is also a must in my books. Because surviving on high sugar, high fat and highly processed gas station snacks always has me feeling sick before I even get halfway.

Here are my top tips when packing for a road trip:

  1. Grab a cool bag - An eski is great and if you can fit it in, then why not!? However if you don’t have one, or can’t fit it in, then grab a cool bag from your local supermarket. These are not usually completely waterproof, so filling it up with ice is not a good idea (unless you want to create a small lake in your car!). However freezing a water bottle and putting it in will help keep everything else cool.
  2. Pack fruit and Veggies - Having bananas, apples, carrots, snow peas, celery, cherry tomatoes and other yummy fresh foods that you can just grab and munch on is a great way to curb your hunger whilst getting some much needed nutrients into you.
  3. Nuts & seeds - Pack some trail mix, or your own combination of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. These last well and are a nutritious snack that will help you feel satisfied.
  4. Protein sources - Pack some protein sources that won’t spoil too easily, such as small tins of tuna (just don’t forget to pack a fork!). A jar of nut butter, or some mini sealed hummus dips are great for dipping your veggies into. Small cups of yogurt are also a great idea, as long as you can keep them cool enough to last until you eat them.
  5. Drinks - It is always important to make sure you bring enough water on your road trip. For hot days try freezing a couple of small bottles and this will help keep the rest of your snacks cool. For cold days you can also pack a thermos of your favourite hot drink so you can have a few cups along the way!
  6. Pack smartly - When packing up your snacks try to be space considerate. Maybe ditch some of the original packaging and consolidate into combined containers.

Happy travelling!

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