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The benefits of working out in the water

The benefits of working out in the water

Swimming and water aerobics have many fantastic benefits when it comes to keeping our bodies sleek, strong and sexy. Though we often think of swimming as a summer activity, most indoor pools are heated which means you can gain the benefits all year round.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a water based workout as part of your weekly routine!

  • Excellent form of cardio - Even though swimming can be quite relaxing, it can also be an excellent form of cardio if you pick up your pace or extend your distance. Also if you have never tried an aqua aerobics class, don’t be put off by the fact that it is popular with older people, it will still get your heart pumping and your muscles working!
  • Total body workout - Swimming targets all the different muscles in your body so that you are using your shoulders, arms, core and legs. Something to consider when choosing a cardio workout.
  • Doesn’t place the usual pressure on joints - Working out in the water has the unique benefit of supporting your skeletal system by making your body more buoyant and taking the pressure off your joints. This is why swimming is often used as part of physiotherapy and often recommended for elderly people.
  • Doubles the movement - You might feel lighter in the water however moving against the resistance of water, as with aqua aerobics and other water workouts, means you are working your muscles harder. Ever tried running in waist high water? It’ really challenging!
  • Suitable for all types of weather - The great thing about a workout in the pool is it doesn’t have to be put off because of bad weather!
  • For the sheer pleasure - Of course swimming isn’t for everyone, but for me and I suspect many others, getting in the water is so much fun. I always feel really invigorated after a good workout in the water.

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