Making good choices when eating out - Emily Skye

Making good choices when eating out

Making good choices when eating out

I thoroughly enjoy eating out with friends and family because it is such a fun and relaxed way to be social. I enjoy everything about it, from dressing up, laughing with people I care about and of course enjoying a nice meal that I don’t have to clean up after!

Navigating through menus for healthier options can be a little challenging at times, depending on where you are eating and what you diet requirements are. So here are some simple tips to make sure that you enjoy a delicious meal that is as nutritious and healthy as possible!

  1. Try to avoid turning up starving! I know, the whole point of eating out is ‘eating out’, however if you rock up at the restaurant starving you are more likely to over order and make poorer choices. So try having a light snack before you leave!
  2. Avoid the bread sticks (or the equivalent) Yes, it is free and that can be tempting, but they are generally just highly processed white flour, which is not really a ‘healthy’ option.
  3. Avoid any ‘cream’ options. Any meal that has words such as sautéed, buttery, cheesy, au gratin, scalloped, pan-fried are not likely to be the healthiest options on the menu. Aim for options with words like lightly grilled, steamed, boiled or of course raw.
  4. Order a side salad. You might find that if you have an appetizer first you don’t need much more than a big salad. Ask about the size of the salads and if they say small, you can always ask to have it larger. Remember salads should be healthy, so avoid options such as Caesar salad, pasta salad, potato salad and coleslaw.
  5. Exchange fries for side salad. If you opt for a main that comes with fries, ask to have side salad instead, if they say it comes with side salad as well, you can ask to just have a larger side salad.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! If you are not sure exactly what is in something or how it is cooked, ask the wait staff for more information. If there is a ‘fried’ versions of your favourite option, don’t be afraid to ask for it ‘grilled’ instead.
  7. Share your dessert. When it comes to dessert you might be completely content to opt for the fresh fruit option, however if you just have to have the rich chocolate mousse, why not share with a friend? That way you get all the delicious flavour… But only half the serving.

Eating out does not mean you have to be unhealthy and being healthy doesn’t mean you have to be boring or sacrifice taste. But by using the above tips you will help navigate your way around any menu to find the best options for you!

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