Types of foods that actually make you hungrier! - Emily Skye

Types of foods that actually make you hungrier!

Types of foods that actually make you hungrier!

When you need a bit of extra fuel, your body will let you know with the usual tricks. First you start to feel hungry, then your belly grumbles and might even start salivating at the thought or smell of food! All you need to do to satisfy this hunger is feed your body some nutrients and it will start working on digesting them without a second thought. But did you know that some foods will actually make you hungrier!?

You may have heard that opting for low GI foods is the best way to slowly release the energy that food provides you with, meaning you stay feeling fuller for longer. But did you know that opting for high GI foods can actually stimulate your food cravings?

High GI foods boost your blood sugar levels and can leave you craving for more food even when you don’t really need it. A good example is some take-away foods, such as Chinese. You eat until you are full, but then only a short while later you are craving more!

Here is a list of 4 food types that will actually make you feel hungrier!

Fast Foods - Fast foods are usually high in both sugars and salt. Despite this combination providing an arguably satisfying taste, it will also have you craving more. The sugars spike your blood sugar levels, making your feel hungry and the salt will have you craving more sweet satisfaction. The result; you eat a meal, feel full and then within the hour you are craving more.

Juices - Even though many bottled juices claim to be ‘healthy’, the simple fact is that they are very high in fructose (sugar!). Couple that with the fact that most of the fibre has been removed in the juicing process, juices will make you feel hungry much sooner that you should.

White Bread - White bread is made from highly processed white flour that has had all the bran removed from it. The result? A simple carbohydrate that is low in fibre and has very little nutritional benefit. What it does do is spike your blood sugar levels so that you can keep on eating it and eating it.

Alcohol - This one probably won’t come as a surprise. When you drink alcohol, you crave food. Maybe not straight away, but the munchies do come! This might be a good thing, as eating whilst drinking will prevent you from getting to drunk, however the lowered inhibitions might have you reaching for greasy junk food when you would normally have opted for a healthier meal. But it isn’t just your tipsy brain that makes you want to chow down on something delicious, alcohol actually lowers your body's level of leptin, which is the hormone responsible for making you feel full and satisfied!

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