Exercise - investing in your future - Emily Skye

Exercise - investing in your future

Exercise - investing in your future

It is never too late to start paying attention to your body and implementing action to keep it fit, strong and healthy. Getting older is something that will hopefully happen to all of us, yet how you age has a lot to do with the actions you take now. Every time you run around your block, or swing your kettlebells, or push out a few more reps in your workout, you are enhancing your body and mind and investing in your future!

And it does take investment, because it takes time and effort, but the great thing about investing in your health is that the rewards you receive are almost instant and the stock value isn’t going to drop. After all it is your health, happiness and independence we are talking about!

The more you focus on keeping yourself healthy, by exercising regularly, resting when you need to and eating a balanced diet, the more interest you will earn. You will have higher energy levels, you will look and feel healthier, have more self-confidence, be more productive and be likely to live a longer, fuller and more independent life all the way into your golden years!

Sure, you need to use it or you will lose it, however your very body stores the memory of your workouts in its very cells! (true story!). So every workout counts!

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